I have a lot of ideas for my final year project but I need to reduce my ideas to one so that I can concentrate on building my idea to get the best grade that I can.

Idea 1:

I am very interested in security especially on the internet. In the last couple of years there have been a lot of statues passed to monitor everyone’s internet usage unless you are in the selective ‘no monitor’ list. I will publish this list later.


As promised:


The internet is no longer a tool of freedom. It is a tool of restriction, corporate control and ‘safe spaces’. If you step ‘out of line’ you will face the backlash of the ‘social justice warrior’ who will ridicule and chastise you for not conforming to their view. Or in the worse case; backlash from work or the government.


Due to  this I have decided that I need to investigate and create a portable VPN box that can be taken to school, work, etc. The portable VPN would enable individuals to use the internet anonymously if they desired. This would help individuals post content without fear of persecution.


Idea 2:

My second idea surrounds the conventional topic of tax avoidance which is legal in the UK, but is it immoral? I would like to build a website to instruct the public how to legally avoid paying high tax. The aim is to bring the discussion to public eye.


Idea 3:

My project tutor (Lee) and I agreed on this idea which I will reveal after I have secured any IPO.


The remaining three ideas that I have I have removed due to wanting to develop them privately.


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