Now that I have decided to focus on the GE I can progress further with my database. My database currently has the following tables:

  • customerprofiles – To be used during sign up
  • politicalquestions – To be used to ask users questions regarding policies
  • randomquestions – To be used to ask random questions during the ‘Agree’, ‘Disagree stage of the app. These are the questions that I personally would like answers to 🙂

While researching how to do integrate the above tables into my app I decided to ask a couple of my old classmates what they would suggest I use. After a brief discussion I was told I was insane for even thinking about manually writing an API and to check out ‘Retrofit’ API – which is a custom API for Android and Java. According to Ollie I can hack it to ft ‘pretty much’ any circumstance.

Sounds ‘easy’ enough!


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