My entire application relies on a database. This database will hold:

– Sign Up/Login Details –  This table is being used to save user’s login information (data) to track users who have signed up, logged in, number of users logged online at any time, to link their account to their results and to be able to send push notifications about political events and policy changes.

– Political Party Policies – This table is being used used to store the Political parties information; policy headings, policy descriptions, the policy URLs and the political parties logos.
 – Note: This table is required to generate the users results later on in the applications use – after the questions have been answered.

– Political Party Questions – This table is used to hold the questions that the users can swipe left or right on to state if they agree or disagree with the particular policy that is being shown.
 – Note: The Political Party Questions unique identifier must be the same as the Political Party Policies identifier so that I can be correctly link the two together with little confusion.
 – Update: During beta testing I was asked to add an addition ‘Pass’ option for those who had no opinion or would rather not answer a particular question. – This was added.

– User Account Profiles – This table will store the users signup data. The table will hold information such as the user’s name, email address and username. At a later date I will add/collect the users age so that I can calculate how certain age ranges vote.
– Will be done by API

– User Account Answers – This table will be used to hold the users Party Policy Results. The results will be generated by the users swipe screen answers and upon completion their results will be shown on the users generated results screen. This will be generated by the API.

There maybe more tables required but at present I cannot think of any.


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