I have decided to create a ‘Final Year Project’ Hand-In Requirement Checklist to make sure I don’t miss or forget anything.

Green = Complete
Orange = Bug/not working
Red = Incomplete

  1. Create splash screen
  2. Create database 
  3. Insert data into the database (Finished – 29/05/17) 
  4. Create Sign Up and Login screens 
  5. Create swipe card feature (same system Tinder uses)
  6. Link swipe card feature to database 
  7. Code Sign Up and Login screens + Social Media Logins (Done 25/05/17 – Complete nightmare as it seemed to interfere with my API!)
  8. Fix logout button – Fixed on the 26/05
  9. Add and code the back buttons
  10. Add and code the ‘Share results function’
  11. Use AZ Recorder to record app and take screenshots + Publish app to Google Store (30/05/17)
  12. Test app on mobile phone to spot any obvious mistakes + Fix mistakes and publish my app to the app store – Takes up to eight hours to get approval/published!
  13. Create Final Year Project video (Must be high quality) – upload video to the app store and the website – 31/05/17
  14. Create Final Year Project presentation – 31/05/17
  15. Create advertising poster to put around Plymouth/Exeter – Finish discussion with Kevin to get my poster on the big screen in town 
  16. Finish blogging – 01/06/17

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