I have used a lot of API’s to make this application work. I have used the following for the following reasons/uses:

  • Google – Google+ Login: https://developers.google.com/identity/sign-in/android/start
    – Sign In/Out – Build a customer profile [eventually]
    – Maps – Will be used for local elections
  • Facebook – Facebook Login: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/android
    – Sign In/Out – Build a customer profile [eventually]
  • Twitter – Twitter Login: https://dev.twitter.com/twitterkit/android/log-in-with-twitter
    Sign In/Out – Build a customer profile [eventually]
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn Login: https://developer.linkedin.com/docs/android-sdk-auth?u=0#
    Sign In/Out – Build a customer profile [eventually]
  • Retrofit 2.x
    Is used to retrieve and upload JSON or other structured data via a REST based web service e.g. A database.
  • Tindercard – https://github.com/Diolor/Swipecards
    A Tinder swipe function clone. I used this to utilise the swipe card feature which works extremely well within my project and the swipes are smooth.
  • Okhttp – http://square.github.io/okhttp/
    Is used to provide an efficient HTTP Client to saves the customers bandwidth by using Gzip to shrink download sizes. okhttp uses response caching to avoid calling the network (internet) for repeat requests
  • Picasso – http://square.github.io/picasso/
    Image downloader & caching library for Android

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