I’m going to make the following fixes today as suggested by my lectures and my early adopters:

  1. “In the very first introductory screen asks you to “sign up” but doesn’t give any indication as to *why* you should need to “sign up” – what advantages are their in doing so? Why is it necessary? Can it be linked to an existing “cloud” account (“Sign up with Google”, “Sign In with Facebook”, etc)? – It isn’t clear that you can sign in with a social account.” – DONE.


I’m going to add the following changes in the upcoming week:

  1. Forgot Password
  2. Share an image of your results along with the text
  3. Add Polling Station location



Here’s my feedback on your app:
Page 1:No information about *why* the user needs to “sign up” to use this app. Are there any benefits in doing so? If there aren’t any benefits, but there are technical reasons that make it necessary, can these be explained so the user knows why they need to give you their details?
Social sign-up/sign-in is not mentioned on this page.
Consider re-designing the Login/Sign-up section at the bottom of the screen.
Sign In page
Sign in with G+ asks for access to contacts. When declined it tells you that it needs this access to choose an account. When you proceed, and choose a Google account, nothing happens. This *may* be due to the fact that all my accounts are GSuite accounts.
Sign Up page
Very *very* minor thing – it would be nice if when you click in the email address field you’re presented with the Android email keyboard. When you use a text object on the “form” you should be able to specify what type of input it’s expecting, and if you say it’s an email address (rather than just text) the user is presented with a keyboard that already has the @ symbol on screen, if their chosen keyboard supports it. If their keyboard doesn’t support it, they’ll just get a normal keyboard and wouldn’t be any the wiser.
At the top-left of the interface – once you get to the questions – there is a triple stack of lines. Common interface guidelines on mobile devices would suggest that this should be a menu of sorts, but neither tapping on it nor swiping in from the left will “activate” this menu, leading me to think that there isn’t a menu.
The progress indicator at the bottom of the screen is very easily missed.
The “info” button frequently doesn’t really give much more information than what you can elicit from the question already. Example: “Should the UK Government build a fairer Britain where no one is held back?” Info says: “Labour will build a fairer Britain where no one is held back”. The only extra information I now have is that this is somehow related to Labour, but doesn’t tell me anything about what is meant by a “fairer Britain” or what is meant by being “held back”.
I like the Agree / Pass / Disagree buttons, and I like the ability to swipe the “cards” away, but not entirely sure they work well together – maybe stick with one method or the other rather than offering both on the same interface.
Some of the questions seem to ask 2+ things in one question. Example: “Should the UK Government revitalise our political system – so it works for everyone – with fairer votes and more devolution?” – Devolution and “fairer votes” are not necessarily related to eachother, so this is 2 questions in one. If a user thinks that “fairer voting” is a good idea but doesn’t like the idea of more devolution, they are unable to answer this question accurately and therefore must “Pass” even though they do hold an opinion on the subject.
Some questions are potentially leading. Building a “strong economy” may be achieve by other means than the stated “sound public finances, low taxes, better regulation, and free trade deals with markets around the world”.
Possible spelling mistakes in some questions.
Final interface is nice and clean, but potentially confusing.
I agreed with 100% of all 10 Green Party policies, 88% of 9 Lib Dem policies, 83% of UKIP, etc… but how many Lib Dem policies did I actually agree with? 88% of 9 policies is 7.92 policies… tapping on the Lib Dem row takes me to a break down of my answers (BTW there’s no indication that tapping on the rows will do this). Here the user is given a list of the policies (seemingly the text is truncated to a given number of characters… I get “Should our UK government increase funding for o” – where’s the rest of the sentence? It says there are 6 votes for this policy and it says “75% agree”… but is this 6 votes by all the users who have taken this questionnaire? Is that 75% of the 8 people who took the questionnaire, or that I 75% agree with this policy?
Take it easy.

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